Partner ACS Phone System Release 8 Processor

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Partner ACS Phone System Release 8 Processor
Over One Million Systems Installed !

Model # 700469687

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Product Description

Why has the Partner system done so well over the years? Innovation and a reputation for value and reliability.

PARTNER ACS includes more than 100 valuable features and capabilities, all designed to help make your business more professional and productive.

Product Features

  • The Partner ACS R8 System allows you to grow up to 16 CO lines and up to 48 stations. It has all of today's latest features including:
  • Cell Phone Connect,
  • Remote Call Forward provides call forwarding
  • (Modem Device Connections,
  • Caller ID,
  • Toll Call Restrictions,
  • Disallow Lists such as 1900-, 976, 411,(this helps eliminate phone abuse).
  • Conference calling
  • Page Button,
  • Night Service,
  • Music on Hold,
  • Extension Privacy,
  • Speed Dial,
  • and the system supports inbound / outbound modem calling.
  • Optional Voice mail integration is seamless.

Product Documentation

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