VoIP is a smart way to communicate

Chats with family and friends as well as business meetings can be held at the comfort of your personal cabin. There are many an options available from video calls to audio and video conferencing systems.
The latest form of communication, however, seems to be happening via VoIP conferencing phone. VoIP stands for Voice over internet protocol and quite literally means communicating via audio transmission to domestic as well as international locations on the internet.

The VoIP conferencing phone works by first converting the analog voice signal to digital format, followed by compressing it to IP packets to transmit it over the world wide web. The process is then reversed at the receiver's end to communicate the signal. The principle is simple but the conversions from analog to IP signals can only be made possible by the use of VoIP gateways.

VoIP gateways serve two most important purposes during the transmission. The one being converting the incoming calls to be converted to VoIP that allows the call to be received on the conventional lines, thus increasing the quality of the signal. The other function of a VoIP gateway is to connect the phone line to the IP network, thus, enabling the user to make calls through the VoIP .

Two types of VoIP gateways are available in the market today. One kind of VoIP gateways are called Analog units that connect two to twenty four traditional analog phone- lines to it. The other ones are
called Digital units that connect to one or more digital lines. VoIP gateways are easily available today online as well as otherwise

Since the VoIP conferencing system puts to use your broadband connectivity to make the call, it saves hundreds and thousands of dollars of the company that would otherwise be wasted when communicating via other means. Not only this, the medium with all it's advantages does not compromise with quality of voice, thus leading to smooth and clear conversations. VoIP conferencing phone, thus provides cost- effective solutions to the telecommunication needs of a business establishment.

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