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  • Sonexis Announces Release of Conference Bridge Manager R10

    Sonexis Announces Release of Conference Bridge Manager R10
    September 22, 2011

    Monroeville PA

    Sonexis, the leading manufacturer of Audio and Web Conferencing solutions announced the release of Conference Manager Release 10. Conference Manager R10 is a robust in-house Audio and Web Conference solution. The Conference Manager works as a stand alone conferencing solution with connectivity to T1/PR1 or SIP trunk lines. The system also integrates with most PBX and IP PBX systems including Avaya, Cisco, NEC, Toshiba, and most others. The new R10 offers new and powerful features including,

    · Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) Certification for Military/Government Applications
    · Dual Language Support for English and Spanish - Full System Prompts
    · Enhancements to Existing Functionality - Adding to Polling, Blast Dial and
    Class of Service
    · Infrastructure Improvements to the ConferenceManager Server - Microsoft
    Windows 2008 Server, SQL Server 2008, IIS 7 Support

    Telcom & Data is offering Lunch and Learns most Wednesdays which allows interested parties the ability to have a look at the system via web conference. Anyone interested in seeing a demonstration of the Sonexis Conference Manager should call Carrie McKenzie at 800-335-0229 ext 833 or email her at [email protected]. For more information please visit

  • What Makes Allworx IP Phone System New Release 7.3 the Best Business Phone System?

    What Makes Allworx IP Phone System New Release 7.3 the Best Business Phone System?

    Allworx introduces its new 7.3 release for Allworx 6X and 48X systems and with that have significantly added to their dominance in the SMB IP phone system market. Allworx really understands it’s customers and the interconnects that that service the customers. Allworx is building software and hardware that business owners want and need to move their businesses forward. I will often tell a customer before you buy a phone system ask yourself if this phone system is going to measurably improve your business. If as a business owner or manager doesn’t know or care then I say don’t but the phone system just to make a lateral move. With the Allworx new 7.3 release the case is clear this phone system can really help improve your business in a variety of ways.

    Lowering costs can help a business improve its bottom line. Here the Allworx rules with a lower total cost of ownership than any other system out there. First Allworx includes an astonishing amount of built in features that most other manufacturers want to charge extra for. Most manufacturers make money the old fashion way by charging for individual licenses. Not the case with Allworx. This works well for both the customer and the interconnect service company because from a configuration stand point there are less part numbers to order. Less parts, less licensing equals less money for a phone system. INGENIUS! Need to save more money? Get away from POTS lines and take advantage of the NO licensing SIP trunking feature. SIP phone lines and technology are being used all of the time and you might be using it now and not even know it. For example many residential users often will bundle Cable, Phone, and internet service through their service provider. Residential calls are being handled over high speed internet. With the Allworx taking advantage of SIP trunking can reduce your phone bill by thousands of dollars each year. Want to take advantage of your existing PRI or T1? No problem, the Allworx 48X has built in PRI and T1 connectivity. Yes you read correctly, built in. Ready to save more money? How about the cost of maintenance? Allworx offers its customers the ability to purchase very low cost extended warranties for on the system and phones. The affordable extended warranties allow customers to budget for unforeseen phone issues. Allworx will simply over night any part failure. No need to purchase expensive maintenance agreements. Allworx release 7.3 offers much more then cost savings.

    The NEWEST Allworx system software 7.3 integrates a full suite of server and IP phone software features with high-value capabilities.

    · Innovation to Configurable Dial Plan — Enables significantly greater dialing configuration - especially in multi-site environments
    · Hot Desking — Easily allows users to ‘log on’ to any IP phone with just your ID and PIN number. Perfect for a shared workspace environment or for a mobile workforce
    · Day/Night Schedules Per Auto Attendant Greeting — Configure your greetings differently day or night for different work hour schedules in each department
    · Speed Dial Enhancements — With the touch of a single button, dialing to outside services requiring unique digits like conference bridges, banks or pharmacies is easier, because additional digits will be additionally dialed out
    · Visual Message Center Display — Navigate voicemail messages through the LCD phone screen
    · Expanded Park Orbits — Calls can now be parked and retrieved from any location in a multi-site environment
    · Advanced Multi-site Paging — Your page announcements are delivered anywhere they need to be heard including page zones to or from other sites
    · Call Assistant — Greater visibility of hot desked users and call queues enhances incoming call processing and management capabilities
    · ACD & Call Queuing Enhancements — More robust intelligent routing of our incoming queue calls to agents
    · Configurable Voicemail Message Length — Maximize the length of messages up to 15 minute

    For a on lime demo of Allworx or consultation on how IP phone system technology can help improve your business please feel to call Telcom & Data at 800-335-0229

  • Migrating from Tellabs 291/292 Ring Down Firebar Phone System

    If you are still using old Tellabs 291 or 292 Ring Down Firebar equipment you are beyond borrowed time. The Tellabs system provided mission critical Ring Down/Firebar services to many rural fire departments and other emergency applications such as airport security and emergency landing personnel. Many of today's central offices also run into issues with cooper connectivity. In the next generation networks, there is no copper 2 wire plant anymore, either at the central Office or in the distribution network, and so there is no point at which to connect the Tellabs 291/292 system. What is needed is technology that works effectively in a multivendor, TDM and VoIP environment, and emulates the features and services of the old Firebar service. The XOP Networks’ Universal Service Node (USN) with the Enhanced Firebar application In the past, the Firebar/Emergency conferencing systems have been deployed at the Telco Class 5 switch in the 2-wire line circuit that normally connects to the subscriber’s phone line. The new XOP Networks Enhanced Firebar offers additional benefits and features. The XOP Networks’ Firebar application resides on the USN that is deployed on the trunk side of the switch. · Send calls to any landline or cellular phone instead of just dedicated ‘red’ or emergency phones · Select communications medium to be used for message delivery (Voice only, Email only, SMS only or any combination etc.). Support unlimited number of call out groups · Send caller-ID of your choice that can be used by recipient's phone to display associated ’caller name’ (e.g., Fire Chief) · Trigger a dial-out based on a) incoming phone call, b) click on a web portal, c) dry contact closure or at a scheduled time · Provide summary and detailed reports on call completions (Busy, No Answer, For a demonstration of the Enhanced Ring Down Phone Firebar system please call 800-335-0229 ext 834. Or visit us on line at

  • Sonexis Offers Multi Language Audio Conferencing Bridge Support

    Sonexis, a premier manufacturer of Conferencing Systems, is pleased to announce Multi Language (Audio) support including Spanish in the latest software release. The feature is available via a new license key.
    The Sonexis Multi Language feature gives the customer the ability to configure their system for English or Spanish, or to allow each conference host and participant to select the language they want to hear when they first dial in. In addition, each of these options can be configured on a per-dialed number basis. For example, you could have one number that when dialed will present all of the prompts in English, another number that will present the prompts in Spanish, and a third number that would offer the user the choice of English or Spanish.

    Sonexis engineers designed this feature, keeping in mind that other customers might require different languages supported such as Japanese, Chinese Mandarin, or any other language so the core architecture requires very little engineering work to add additional languages.

    For more information on Multi Language Audio Conference Calls please call 800-335-0229 or visit

  • Telcom & Data introduces: Digitus Biometric Door Handles, Access control systems with just a touch of the fingertips.

    Digitus Biometric Door Handles, Complete control and security from a centralized, easy-to-use application with real time monitoring of events.

    Digitus Biometric Door Handle

    Comic book and movie fans know of The X-men and the main character Professor X. When the professor goes into his hidden hi- tech chamber to enter, he must first place his eye up to a laser beam like looking panel, it identifies his inner eye, then says "Welcome Professor" and opens up the huge metallic doors with the letter X engraved in them.

    That's really cool stuff.

    Star Trek fans (The Next Generation, not the Captain Kirk version) know that to enter Captain Picard’s quarters, they must first stand in front of the sliding doors, he then says with his majestic voice "Come" , then the doors magically come open.

    Finally, how many times has James Bond had to crack a complicated code or figure out a finger controlled touch panel in order to enter into his arch enemy’s secured fortress so he can thwart the evil plot of destruction.

    Each scenario also has one central component that is important to many industries and facilities that store important

    Telcom & Data is introducing the Digitus Biometric Door Handles with fingerprint access control systems. It can secure any area of your data or technology center, from the front door and back, to the cabinet doors. There is no need for cumbersome proximity cards and gaining access is as simple as the touch of a fingertip.

    Digitus' proprietary biometric technology, IP networking, and advanced control software work together to deliver centralized administration, real-time monitoring and alerts, and an indisputable audit trail for every door and cabinet you choose to secure.

    The DB ServerRack 1U solution uses the Digitus Biometrics’ proprietary software and hardware in a system that creates an algorithm associated with the individual’s fingerprint, while verifying that the print belongs to a real living and breathing person, all without having to worry about the collection of private personal information.

    This system can only be rivaled by Professor X, Captain Picard or James Bond, or at least the geniuses that developed the technology behind these characters in the movies. (probably the guy who wrote the script).

    Well, it's not only in the movies, the technology is here and it's real with Digitus BiometricDoor Handles .

    Digitus Biometric Door Handles are now available at Telcom & Data. For more information about, Digitus Biometric Door Handles visit Telcom & Data’s website or call 1-800-335-0229.

    ABOUT Telcom & Data:
    Since 1996 Telcom & Data has been providing thousands of telecommunication solutions to organizations around the world to measurably improve communications. The company is a leader in call recording and call accounting solutions. Telcom & Data maintains a network of over 1500 technicians with locations in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Miami.

  • Telcom & Data Introduces: The XOP Network System, The Emergency Firebar Ringdown Telephone Conference System, Enhanced Firebar Offers Additional Benefits and Features

    The XOP Network System, The Emergency Firebar Ringdown Telephone Conference System, allows for a single phone in a firebar group to go off hook and automatically call the other phones in the group and connect callers to a single conference.

    First responders is a term that has received much exposure, media and praise in the last twenty years for a number of reasons. Tragedy and crisis seem to happen in our world today so much more frequently than in times past. Of course this isn’t true, but with the speed of technology and media in the digital world we live in, information is given in a blink of an eye and there are so many more places to receive news and updates and this makes bad news travel so much faster and broader.

    First responders, police, firefighters, paramedics and also the military are the glue to peace and civility in this society. Without their service, the country would have total chaos not to mention no defense against crime, natural disasters and terrorism.

    Nothing is more vivid in the minds of Americans than the sight of the Twin Towers rubble after 911 with brave firefighters holding the nations flag up as a symbol of hope and perseverance. It was a reminder of the tough and sometimes thankless job that these men and women have to bear.

    One of the most unappreciated occupations these days is that of a paramedic. These brave souls save lives and work to help people every day from heart attacks to car crashes. They are always right in the thick of things because of medical and non-medical crisis.

    Then there are the police officers across the country in the middle of the cities doing everything from fighting crime, helping direct traffic to getting a little kitten down that is stuck in a tree.

    Lastly, the men and women of the military that are sent from one part of the world to another, many times with little warning to fight wars, activate rescue missions and to defend the nation from enemies that have sworn to destroy the idea of freedom and peace.

    In most cases, these modern day heroes are taken for granted until they are needed in an emergency and they all have one thing in common, they must always be ready!

    The most important thing that helps in readiness and preparedness in each of these examples is communication.

    Communication is the key to success for first responders. It allows them to evaluate the first priorities in a crisis and to coordinate between each other the strategies necessary to be successful in helping people.

    Telcom & Data introduces The XOP Network System .The Emergency Firebar RingdownTelephone Conference System provides a unique feature set that is designed for secure locations where instant communications is important. The XOP NetworksEmergency Ring Down System provides telephone ring down capabilities to multiple locations. The unique fire bar features allows for a single phone in a firebar group to go off hook and automatically call the other phones in the group and connect callers to a single conference.

    Thanks to all the first responders for years of service to this country.

    The XOP Network System is now available at Telcom & Data. For more information The XOP Network System, visit Telcom & Data’s website or call 1-800-335-0229.

  • Telcom & Data Partners with The Pulaski High School of Business, Making Dreams a Reality For The Youth

    The Pulaski High School of Business offers business courses for young people at the accelerated rate and a hands on approach that is creative, challenging and fun Pulaski_Highfor their future success

    Educating our young adults is vital to societies overall economic health. Access to information nowadays is easier than it has ever been in history. There is no doubt that this is the technology and information age. Most of the new millionaires in the last ten years are 25 years old and younger. This gives the youth today a great opportunity and advantage that previous generations have never had.

    Unfortunately, because of the age we live in, there are also many distractions for young people. Social media, multi- channel television and smart phones are amazing advances in technology, but it also gives them access to images, sights and sounds that can bring them the wrong messages.

    Even the best of the youth today know and have heard lyrics to songs that would make the Beatles, Elvis and even Prince, sound like they were singing gospel hymns in church (Elvis actually did). Let’s face it, the kids have multiple choices. This can be good and it can also be bad.

    The good news is most kids get it. Most know that there is a lot out there for them, and if they can come up with the latest idea or system process via the Internet or another resource, they can become very successful quickly. This is the ultimate attitude, goal setting and vision of the future that must be cultivated.

    Ricardo Trinidad, President of Telcom & Data, understands this all too well and has done something about it and knows that the future of entrepreneurship and business success is in the hands of our youth. This is why Ricardo has partnered with The Pulaski High School of Business. This is a national program that brings together students, local businesses, colleges, and the community to prepare students for their futures. They offer students "real skills" so that they may find success in college and acquire "real jobs" in the world.

    The program offers project-based learning and lots of real world skills, techniques, and learning experiences. These courses are also aligned to many local colleges that earn college credit through high school classes.

    Ricardo Trinidad of Telcom & Data fully supports this program and its ideas and creativity. As a member of the advisory board, his personal knowledge and experience in business will help educate young people with personal behavior, ethics, hard work and leadership.

    These are attributes that the Milwaukee community can be proud of in its business leaders and they hope to attract more of the same in the future.

    This is a businessman that gets it.

    For more information about The Pulaski High School of Business, call Ms. Ellis, Guidance Dept. Chair: 414-902-8900 Rm. 123 or Mr. Garzon, Bi Lingual Business Teacher: 414-902-9054. 2500 W. Oklahoma Ave., Milwaukee WI, 53215.

    For more info about Telcom & Data visit the website or call 1-800-335-0229.

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