Avaya Definity PBX Support and Maintenance Services

Definity PBX maintenance and support services are still available for even the oldest of version of the Definity G3. If your compnay still has a Definity G3, G3SI, G3R or any other version telephone maintenance support is still available. Telcom & Data Inc. (Chicago IL) provides complete Definity telephone system support.

When you think about how important your communications system is to your business, it is easy to see how valuable a Service Agreement for your DEFINITY system really is.

For support to ensure your ongoing telephone system performance. A telephone system service agreement is always at work both at your site and behind the senses, so you can concentrate on running your business, benefits include:

" Maximize communications uptime
" Proactive trouble notification
" Errors resolved transparently
" Reduce time to repair
" Peace of mind knowing your system has 24/7 monitoring
" Fixed budget and long term savings
" Free basic phone technical support included
" Complex and customized support available at preferred prices
" Remotely access customers' PBX to perform diagnostics, browse activities and optimum operation.
" Preferred customer status

SERVICE CALLS When a field technician has to be dispatched to your location, monitoring data helps them solve problems faster and more effectively. And thanks to intelligence already gathered, if an outside service provider disruption occurs an immediate vendor repair ticket is logged for response or dispatch. Other companies may monitor your system, but the service referral company must call your business to determine how to handle an alarm.

Building Relationship We have unprecedented attention to service compared to others maintenance service providers. In the event of a flood, fire, or other unforeseeable disaster, we maintain vital information on the current system configuration. So you get support from a technician who knows you, your system and your business. Up-to-date paper documentation are maintained and we coordinate contact with service repair to complete repair or restoration.

COST Savings Time, labor and material are included in a service maintenance agreement, which provides significant savings with a manageable budget. Unlimited service calls, without a Service Agreement all visits are billable. Services provided outside of the Service Agreement will be billed at a reduced rate.

To find out how your company can control and reduce telephone system costs call 800-335-0229 or visit www.telcom-data.com

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