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  • 3 Reasons to Choose a Sonexis In-House Audio Conferencing System for Your Business

    Growing demand to use teleconferencing for client meetings, sales presentations, team meetings, quarterly reports, and webinars have motivated businesses to seek lower cost conferencing solutions. At Telcom & Data, we recommend Sonexis Conference Manager. Sonexis Conference Manger is used by more small and medium sized businesses than any other in-house bridge on the market - and for good reason.  Let’s take a look at the top 3 reasons your business should consider using Sonexis.

    1) Cost Savings

    By owning an in-house platform, users eliminate the per-use fees associated with subscription based services. According to Sonexis, users have reported savings as high as 80%.

    2) Security

    Another benefit of Sonexis Conference manager is enhanced security. Often very sensitive and confidential issues are discussed in corporate teleconferencing meetings. An in-house conferencing system can be installed behind the corporate firewall where it will be protected from viruses and other invasions. With an external service provider, documents are generally transferred to the outside provider during the conference. Consequently, this material is exposed outside the corporate network and becomes vulnerable.

    3) Ease of Use

    Users simply plug Conference Manger into their voice (PSTN) or data network (VOIP) and within minutes the company can schedule, launch, and record conferences. Popular applications (like Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, and the Web Browser) provide the interfaces that make Conference Manger accommodating for any user. The device is typically installed within one hour and scales easily from 12 to 1,000 ports of audio and 5 to 1,000 seats of Web. With the bridge’s unique design, businesses can always add more features, users, or protocols.

    For more information about ordering a Sonexis Conference bridge, click here.

  • 4 Tips for Offering Extraordinary Customer Service at Hotels

    Most hotels I have stayed at offer neither bad nor incredibly good service. At every hotel, I get a comfortable bed, cable television, and a hot shower. Your hotel doesn't have to be mediocre by offering “us too” services. Below are 4 ways to take your customer service to the next level.

    1. Find out why the guest is in town

    By finding out why the guest is staying in town, you may be able to do something extra special for them. If a couple is staying for their anniversary, wouldn't it be nice to give them a card or a complimentary dessert to show your congratulations?

    2. Offer value-added services at check-in

    Many hotels offer food service and wake-up calls. However, most hotels wait for the customer to request these services rather than informing the guest during check-in.  Every attendant should end the check in procedure by saying things like:

    “Mr. Smith you're almost all set. Would you like to schedule a wake-up call for tomorrow morning?”

    “If you are hungry, you can call our food service. There will be a menu on the telephone table in your room.”

    “Is there anything else I can help you with?”

    3. Use room phones with programmable buttons

    Offering a modern phone with easy one-touch dialing for food service, wake-up call scheduling, taxi cab requests, and luggage assistance will please your guests by saving them time and hassle. At Telcom & Data, we recommend the Scitec T5-08 telephone.  It has 5 programmable buttons, one-touch message retrieval, and customizable volume controls. The phone packs a lot of value into a very economical price. Learn more here.

    4. Send guests a hand-written thank you note

    Didn’t your mother teach you to say thank you? A handwritten thank you card from the attendant that checked in the guest will make sure they remember the extraordinary customer service they experienced during their stay. The next time someone asks them for a hotel recommendation, your hotel will be the first one mentioned.

    Final thought

    Little things make a big difference with customers and will differentiate you from your competitors. I hope these tips make your hotel the best in town!

  • Partner 18D Series 2 Telephone from Avaya, Designed for High-Performance Offices

    Telcom & Data, a leader in business phone systems, is proud to introduce the Partner 18D series 2 telephone from Avaya. Avaya is known for producing world-class phones and this unit fits right into their product line. Practical features make the phone extremely user-friendly.

    The 18D Partner phone has a backlit display to show the number dialed and caller information for incoming calls. The viewing angle of the display is adjustable, ensuring great visibility. An auxiliary port makes it easy to connect devices to the phone such as answering machines, extra telephones, headsets, and credit card readers. The phone is easily personalized with 16 customizable buttons and 14 steps of volume adjustments. Built-in conference, transfer, hold, and speaker buttons enhance productivity.

    When Ricardo Trinidad, President of Telecom & Data, was asked about the Partner 18D Series 2 Phone, he said, “This Phone has been extremely popular with our customers. It’s an affordable unit that delivers all the features office workers demand.”

    For more information on the Partner 18D series 2 telephone, visit Telcom & Data’s website or call 1-800-335-0229.

  • Build Your Professional At-Home Office

    Working from home is on the rise!  Whether your running a start-up business  or telecommuting , we have the equipment to get you going.  Let’s take a look at a sample home office.

    1)      Advantage A4 Computer Desk from Guardian Case & Cabinet

    GL2072-A4 Advantage A4 Computer DeskEvery office needs a desk.  We recommend Advantage computer desks because of their durability and performance.  Advantage computer desks are ruggedly constructed with heavy-duty steel to ensure strength and longevity. The storage drawers and overhead compartments are lockable. Many accessories can be added to the units including peninsulas, cable management solutions, and LCD flat-panel display mounts. Learn more.

    2)      Partner 18D Series 2 Telephone from Avaya

    Avaya Partner 18D Series 2 Black Phone

    Your at-home office needs a high-performance phone to ensure professionalism and efficiency.  The Partner 18D Series 2 phone from Avaya features 16 programmable buttons, an auxiliary port, and a built-in speaker phone for superior functionality.  Learn more.

    3)      The Polycom VSX 3000 Desktop Conferencing Display

    Polycom VSX 3000 Video Conferencing

    The Polycom VSX 3000 is the only personal video conferencing system that delivers the highest levels of video and voice quality in a desktop system and doubles as a PC display.  If you need professional quality video conferencing in your home office, the Polycom VSX 3000 is for you.  Learn more.

    4)      CS530 Wireless Headset from Plantronics

    Plantronics CS530 Wireless Headset

    Keep your hands available for writing, typing, and grabbing files with the CS530 headset from Plantronics. The CS530 is incredibly flexible. Multitasking hands-free is easy with 350 feet of wireless mobility. Additionally, users are able to conference with up to three additional headsets. The headset features convenient one-touch volume control and answer/end buttons. The headset also includes a handset lifter to remotely answer and end calls.  Learn more.

    Let us help you build a custom at-home office today!  Call 1-800-335-0229!

  • Business Tips: Benefits of Leasing a Phone System

    Below is a list of the reasons businesses choose to lease phone systems from Telcom & Data.  Find out if our leasing services are right for your business.

    1)      Free Cash Flow

    Our phone leasing program features 100% financing with no down payment. This allows companies to get the equipment they need without a major cash outlay. As a result, the leasee has more free capital to make other investments.

    2)      Tax Benefits

    A business may also choose to lease equipment for tax benefits. Businesses can deduct the lease payments, reducing their tax burden.

    3)      Expanded Credit Availability

    Businesses benefit from expanded credit availability because leasing may not affect leverage ratios.  A leverage ratio estimates your ability to meet financial obligations.

    4)      Equipment Obsolescence Protection

    Tech equipment like computers and telephones go out of date quickly.  If your business needs the latest technology, leasing can save you money.  Purchasing a phone system that only has few years of reasonable useful life may not be worth it.

    5)      Professional Equipment from Trusted Brands

    We are proud to offer phone systems from Avaya and Allowrx – two of the industry’s most trusted brands.

    To find out more about our leasing services, visit our website or call 1-800-335-0229!  Telcom & Data’s leasing program gives businesses access to industry leading phone systems at a low monthly rate.  Get started today!

  • Improve Customer Service at Your Auto Repair Shop with a Wheelock Loud Phone Ringer

    If you work at an auto repair shop, you know how noisy the garage can be.  I’m sure you have experienced missing a customer call because you were working on a car.  The customer may leave a message but by the time you call back, the customer has already made an appointment with your competitor.  It doesn’t have to be this way!

    At Telcom & Data, we recommend Wheelock’s UTA-1 phone loud ringer to make sure you never miss another customer call.  In an auto repair shop environment, the ringer ensures customer calls are heard over the noise of the cars, machinery, and tools. The unit rings at a 109 db and users can choose from 4 ring tones: horn, bell, single chime or vibrating chime.

    The UTA-1 operates off of standard telephone ringing voltage. The unit is FCC and DOC registered for the public telephone network and can be used behind PBX and key systems. The UTA-1 is ruggedly constructed with a weather resistant backbox and conduit enclosed wiring for optional outdoor use.

    There is nothing worse than losing money just because you missed a customer call.  Make sure this never happens again!  Learn more about the Wheelock’s UTA-1 phone loud ringer at Telcom & Data’s website.

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