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  • Guardian Telecom Introduces new Affordable AB-3000 Acoustic Phone Booth

    Guardian Telecom has added the AB-3000 to their line of high quality Acoustic Phone

    Acoustic Phone Booth Hood Reduces Noise Down 25dB.

    Booths. AB-3000 models were developed to meet the need for a booth with high dB noise attenuation at a lower cost.

    The high performance model (P9042) with polyurethane lining delivers where it counts with up to 25 dB noise attenuation. The shell only model (P9043) has up to 8 dB noise attenuation.

    The one piece shell is made from a polypropylene formula which results in a booth that is lighter, making it easier to handle, ship and install. Even still, despite the lighter weight, the AB-3000 is highly durable and reliable. Tests have shown that it has excellent low temperatures impact properties and is extremely difficult to crack or pierce.

    The shell is completely maintenance free, UV & corrosion resistant and impervious to chemical attack. The results of a flame test showed that the booth shell will not support combustion without an ignition source applied and as soon as the source was removed the flame on the booth self extinguished. The polyethylene liner is ANSI/UL94 flammability, chemical resistant and resistant to mildew and rot.

    AB-3000 acoustic booths have a rugged, industrial grade finish and come standard in a vibrant and highly visible “Yellow”. Large, embedded, black handset silhouettes on each side make sure that the acoustic booth can be easily seen and identified as a communication station. Custom colors are available as a special order. The internal shelf provides a convenient writing surface. Holes along the bottom provide drainage if water enters the interior of the booth.

    All acoustic booths are an important part of a reliable, safe and robust communication station. The correct selection of telephones, paging equipment and accessories are integral to the level of communication and safety provided. Guardian has a wide variety of endpoints, loudspeakers, strobes, sirens and sounders available.

    If you would like to know more about the AB-3000 Acoustic Booth, call Telcom & Data at 800-335-0229 or email

    About Guardian Telecom, Inc.
    Guardian Telecom, Inc., based out of Calgary, Canada is the leader in the design and manufacturer of industrial communications equipment largely for the oil and gas, refinery, petrochemical, chemical, mining, nuclear and power facilities. Guardian’s Hazardous Area VoIP products and components are designed to provide communications in Class I Division 2 areas. Guardian’s Hazardous Area analog products and components are designed to provide communications in Class I Division 1 and Class II Division 1

  • Allworx IP Phone System Wins Best of Show at ITEXPO

    Allworx,  announced that their Allworx IP Phone System application Interact was selected as the winner of the Best of Show Award for Best SMB Solution at TMC's ITEXPO, held Jan. 28-31, at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Winners of the prestigious Best of Show Award program are reserved for products or services that demonstrate creativity and technological innovation.

    Allworx Interact(TM) applications bring effortless communication to the desktop, offering intuitive productivity and efficiency improvements for their users. Interact is designed to leverage the simplicity of the PC-based user interface with the power of the Allworx handset, resulting in real-time tangible benefits to Allworx customers.

    Allworx Interact Pro adds control over Allworx IP phones to the application in a series of dockable windows, enabling users to view current and parked calls, contacts, call history, and to control presence management. The ability to view the presence and handset status of other Allworx users prior to placing calls makes connecting with co-workers much easier for those using Allworx systems. Allworx directory entries and user contact lists are quickly located through its search capability, providing rapid, error-free dialing. Microsoft Outlook contacts are also incorporated into the Interact Pro database, or into a combined favorites list, allowing easy search and one-click connections.

    "At Allworx, our core values of innovation, value, reliability, customer focus and quality drive us to give enormous attention to producing advanced solutions for small and medium-sized businesses," said Chris Hasenauer, vice president and general manager of Allworx. "Allworx Interact leverages our momentum with our SMB focus, making the features popularized in our mobile application, Allworx Reach, available to employees who require advanced desktop applications. We are honored to be recognized by TMC for innovation focusing on the SMB market."

    "The products and solutions nominated for the ITEXPO Best in Show Awards continue to demonstrate raw innovation, and it's truly exciting to see what new technological developments our exhibitors have for us each year," said Rich Tehrani, TMC CEO and conference chairman. "We are pleased to honor Allworx for their efforts and creativity in developing advanced, powerful solutions for the business technology marketplace."

    ITEXPO Las Vegas will take place Aug. 11-14 at the Rio, Las Vegas. ITEXPO Las Vegas will deliver programming that focuses on the latest technologies, regulations, essential issues and trends within the communications industry, including wireless and mobility, unified communication and collaboration solutions, VoIP solutions, cloud computing, customer experience and interaction, and much more. For the latest ITEXPO news, updates and information, follow on Twitter at @ITEXPO.

    About Allworx:

    Headquartered in Rochester, N.Y., Allworx is an award-winning provider of communications solutions for all but the largest size business. Allworx delivers VoIP (Voice over IP) unified communications systems to a wide range of industries, including not-for-profit and government locations, through a network of authorized dealers. Allworx is a wholly owned subsidiary of Windstream. For more information, please .

    About Windstream:

    Windstream WIN -0.38% , a FORTUNE 500 and S&P 500 company, is a leading provider of advanced network communications, including cloud computing and managed services, to businesses nationwide. The company also offers broadband, phone and digital TV services to consumers primarily in rural areas. For more information, .

  • Advantages of Video Conference Equipment Leasing and Financing

    Leasing Keeps Your Technology Current Leasing Keeps Your Technology Current

    A Video Conference System is no longer a luxury but a strategic business communications investment. Since 2010 video conference equipment has been being installed in record pace. Existing video conferencing equipment gets old and outdated, and additional equipment is often needed to grow a business. Nearly 80% of companies in the U.S. lease equipment to remain competitive. They recognize that it is more important to have and use the equipment than it is to own the equipment.  There are many advantages for your business to leasing over other financing options. Here are the reasons we feel are most important to them:

    • Credit Availability:  Leasing preserves lines of credit. Save bank borrowing capacity for other needs or emergencies.
    • Conserve Working Capital Get the equipment and technology needed today while spreading payments over time. Capital budgets can be used for other business expenses and more productive operational uses.
    • Flexibility - Changes in the economy, emerging competition and expansion require flexible options for a small business. Leasing allows a business to grow or change with the tide quickly, without large up-front costs.
    • Obsolescence becomes Obsolete - Technology changes rapidly. The software and equipment purchased 2 years ago is most likely outdated. With leasing, when the term is over, there is the option to purchase your equipment, trade it in or return it outright. Keep your businesses at the forefront of their industry through leasing.
    • Tax Advantages - For most leases, businesses can deduct monthly lease payments. The benefits and amount changes annually, so they should consult a tax advisor for more information on tax advantages check out IRS Section 179.
    • Budget Friendly  - Leased equipment can create income for a business that far exceeds the cost of a monthly lease payment. Budgets can be stretched to obtain additional equipment that your customer couldn't have afforded otherwise, through fixed monthly payments.
    • No Down Payment Required - Unlike some loan programs, customers can finance 100% of their equipment, and include additional costs such as software, shipping, installation, maintenance and training into the total package.
    • Fixed Monthly Payments - Leasing allows businesses to use equipment they need, for as long as they need it, with a fixed monthly payment. If interest rates skyrocket, their payment does not change.
    • Choose Payments and Terms  - You know how much your business can afford to spend on your new equipment. With leasing you can pick the best payment solution for your business. Extended terms, flexible payments and equipment upgrades are all available.

    Contact us to speak with a Telcom & Data Leasing Representative to discuss how leasing can benefit your business' bottom line. Call us at 800-335-0229 or get an instant video conference system lease quote here

    We look forward to being your provider of video conference equipment.

    Other equipment you can lease includes business phone systems,  Audio conferencing, VoIP phone systems, voice mail and unified messaging systems,  phone loggers and more.

  • How IP Telephony Can Help You Through The Polar Vortex

    Midwest Polar Vortex Is the Polar Vortex keeping your business closed?

    As the Polar Vortex passes through much of the U.S. businesses, schools, airports and government offices have closed because of icy impassable roads.

    The economic effects for businesses can be tremendous. A disaster recovery plan can keep businesses operating even in the event of widespread power outages, transportation strikes, or natural disasters.

    VoIP and Failsafe routing are two technologies that help your business avoid costly closings. Fail safe routing is having a plan to which in the event of a catastrophe phone calls can be re-routed. It could be as sophisticated as having a full disaster recovery plan in which you might have a back up VOIP phone system in waiting to allow your office to become virtual or as simple as having calls re-routed to a cell phone. Fail safe routing can protect your business when a cable has been cut or phones lines have been frozen over and broken and your phone service with it. To talk to someone about how failsafe routing can protect your business click here.

    Having a VOIP phone system could enable a company to work virtually. Workers could work from home or other locations with VoIP enabled phones or PCs with softphones. Avaya IP Office is a VOIP phone system that can be set up and installed as a virtual PBX. It offers both VoIP phone sets and softphones. As long as phone service is still working, workers don't have to leave home to answer phones.

    How to protect your business

    Having a fail safe routing plan is a must for all businesses. You don't have to operate on a fault line or on the coast to have a plan in place.

    A fail safe plan should contain a few things:

    1. Escalation phone number list. This list should contain the phone numbers of both your phone company and PBX vendor. It should have the names and numbers of everyone up the ladder. The higher you can get it the better. You are probably going to receive faster resolution to your problem if you have the VP of Services’ number then just the customer service number.
    2. Have a designated number to which you can receive calls in case of phone service interruption. You should talk with your carrier ahead of time so they have the number as well. Some carriers like Access One in Chicago offer this as part of their service. When they detect an outage they automatically send calls to another number. Do not assume a carrier will offer this to you in the event of an outage. On recent service call we received from a new customer who had been completely with out phone service for the day we asked the carrier why they had not offered fail safe routing to the customer , who had two other locations, they said ” they never asked us to”.
    3. Make sure the plan is in the hands of a few key people. When problems occur it’s always at an inconvenient time. Make sure everyone knows the drill.

    Other things to consider is having a full disaster recovery plan. PD Management recently added a disaster recovery plan which included a fully loaded phone system that could be dropped shipped and set up in days notice. When asking Joani Baskins the PBX manager about it she said ” it is essential to our business operations to keep phone service up in the event of an ice storm”. PD Management has locations in Texas and Louisiana.

    Telcom & Data is a nationwide business telecommunications equipment and service provider based in Chicago. In addition to phone system service, Telcom & Data sells and services 

    Avaya Telephone Systems for small, medium, and large businesses. If you would like more information on fail safe routing call 800-335-0229 or visit us on line at

  • Telcom & Data Launches New Conference Bridge Web Site

    Telcom & Data a Chicago/Milwaukee based telecommunications company has launched a site dedicated to collaboration technology. The site features products and solutions including Audio Conference Bridge,  Conference Phones, Video Conference Room Systems,  Multi Point Video Conference Bridges, Large Installed Audio Conference Room Systems, Video Conference Software for iPad and Android tables, Emergency Communication systems and video conference room furniture. 

    Telcom & Data has partnered with the some of the most cutting edge manufacturers of conferencing equipment including Polycom, Clear One, Avaya,  Sonexis, Revolabs, and Forum Communications.  Ricardo Trinidad the President of Telcom & Data was quoted as saying, " The reason we launched was to provide an easy to use site that would allow the average user to shop and compare technology in one location. Besides the online shopping its easy to call and get a collaboration expert on the line and even schedule a demonstration. It's also important to have all available options for our customers."

    About Telcom & Data; Founded in 1996, Telcom & Data, Inc. helps organizations improve communications through Video, Audio and Web Conferencing technology.

    Telcom & Data Inc. asks the questions that target your toughest communication challenges. We provide complete  analysis based on your company’s vision, needs, growth, and budget. Our customized solutions will measurably improve communications.

    Every conferencing product we sell including HD Conference Room Solutions, Teleconferencing Bridges, Conference Phones, and Multi Point Video Conference systems havebeen tried and tested for reliability, ease of use, integration, and manufacturer’s support. Telcom & Data Inc. clients receive personalized attention from knowledgeable sales and technical staff. All products (except software) carry a 60-day money back guarantee.


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