Avaya IP Office the Hybrid Digital and IP Phone System

Your business may have received many calls to up grade from your existing digital phone system to an IP based phone system and you may be a bit skeptical to do so. You have probably heard of a friend or business associates nightmare with a pure IP phone system installation. You also have probably heard that the traditional TDM phone system is dead. So now what?

A new business moving into a new space has some major advantages going with an IP only phone system. Installing a single data cable for both voice and data can save a business on cabling costs over a traditional TDM phone system that requires it’s own voice cabling.

An existing business that already has both voice and data cabling infrastructure in place could benefit from Hybrid phone system such as the Avaya IP Office. The Avaya IP Office offers businesses the best of both digital and IP technologies. At the heart of the system is a processor that can handle both digital phone sets and VoIP phone sets. A business owner can take advantage of existing voice cabling using the Avaya IP Office digital phone sets. Remote or telecommuters can use IP phones for home and branch offices. Utilizing both digital and IP technologies can save a business thousands from having to upgrade it’s entire LAN infrastructure to accommodate IP only phones. Digital technology works wonderfully with out having to worry about QoS, packet loss and jitter issues. The fact that the Avaya IP Office offers both can position a company to the future with out having to invest completely in one technology or the other.

The Avaya IP Office offers big time features that can save any business money and increase sales. Avaya IP Office delivers the powerful call handling capabilities for the busiest communications environments and the features and flexibility that enhance the performance and productivity of everyone who uses it. IP Office includes A Phone System - A full PBX with hundreds of features. Display phones. Desk- and PC-based IP phones. Voice over IP. Paging. A Unified Messaging Server - Voicemail. Auto attendant. Unified voicemail/email. Personal Number. Call recording. Easy-to use graphical interfaces. Full synchronization with Microsoft® Exchange. A Conferencing Solution - A built-in, private "conference bridge" that's available at a moment's notice when you need to quickly share information with a large number of people. Secure, easy to use and very cost-effective, it's ideal for team meetings, client conferences, training and more. A Virtual Office Solution - Are you working out of the office? Avaya IP Office is an ideal solution for virtual offices because you can network remote through a corporate network infrastructure. This means you can benefit from the "transparent" operation of many features (transfers, Caller ID, etc.), centralized messaging, and centralized administration to enhance information sharing and collaboration, increase company-wide productivity and lower costs. Linking your remote offices on one phone system with centralized administration and shared messaging. Easy to Manage - Web based system management easily allows you to change system settings while you're in the office or away.

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