Guardian Telecom Introduces new Affordable AB-3000 Acoustic Phone Booth

Guardian Telecom has added the AB-3000 to their line of high quality Acoustic Phone

Acoustic Phone Booth Hood Reduces Noise Down 25dB.

Booths. AB-3000 models were developed to meet the need for a booth with high dB noise attenuation at a lower cost.

The high performance model (P9042) with polyurethane lining delivers where it counts with up to 25 dB noise attenuation. The shell only model (P9043) has up to 8 dB noise attenuation.

The one piece shell is made from a polypropylene formula which results in a booth that is lighter, making it easier to handle, ship and install. Even still, despite the lighter weight, the AB-3000 is highly durable and reliable. Tests have shown that it has excellent low temperatures impact properties and is extremely difficult to crack or pierce.

The shell is completely maintenance free, UV & corrosion resistant and impervious to chemical attack. The results of a flame test showed that the booth shell will not support combustion without an ignition source applied and as soon as the source was removed the flame on the booth self extinguished. The polyethylene liner is ANSI/UL94 flammability, chemical resistant and resistant to mildew and rot.

AB-3000 acoustic booths have a rugged, industrial grade finish and come standard in a vibrant and highly visible “Yellow”. Large, embedded, black handset silhouettes on each side make sure that the acoustic booth can be easily seen and identified as a communication station. Custom colors are available as a special order. The internal shelf provides a convenient writing surface. Holes along the bottom provide drainage if water enters the interior of the booth.

All acoustic booths are an important part of a reliable, safe and robust communication station. The correct selection of telephones, paging equipment and accessories are integral to the level of communication and safety provided. Guardian has a wide variety of endpoints, loudspeakers, strobes, sirens and sounders available.

If you would like to know more about the AB-3000 Acoustic Booth, call Telcom & Data at 800-335-0229 or email

About Guardian Telecom, Inc.
Guardian Telecom, Inc., based out of Calgary, Canada is the leader in the design and manufacturer of industrial communications equipment largely for the oil and gas, refinery, petrochemical, chemical, mining, nuclear and power facilities. Guardian’s Hazardous Area VoIP products and components are designed to provide communications in Class I Division 2 areas. Guardian’s Hazardous Area analog products and components are designed to provide communications in Class I Division 1 and Class II Division 1

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