Business Tips: Benefits of Leasing a Phone System

Below is a list of the reasons businesses choose to lease phone systems from Telcom & Data.  Find out if our leasing services are right for your business.

1)      Free Cash Flow

Our phone leasing program features 100% financing with no down payment. This allows companies to get the equipment they need without a major cash outlay. As a result, the leasee has more free capital to make other investments.

2)      Tax Benefits

A business may also choose to lease equipment for tax benefits. Businesses can deduct the lease payments, reducing their tax burden.

3)      Expanded Credit Availability

Businesses benefit from expanded credit availability because leasing may not affect leverage ratios.  A leverage ratio estimates your ability to meet financial obligations.

4)      Equipment Obsolescence Protection

Tech equipment like computers and telephones go out of date quickly.  If your business needs the latest technology, leasing can save you money.  Purchasing a phone system that only has few years of reasonable useful life may not be worth it.

5)      Professional Equipment from Trusted Brands

We are proud to offer phone systems from Avaya and Allowrx – two of the industry’s most trusted brands.

To find out more about our leasing services, visit our website or call 1-800-335-0229!  Telcom & Data’s leasing program gives businesses access to industry leading phone systems at a low monthly rate.  Get started today!

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    The right phone system for your friend's business may not be the ideal business phone system for you. You have to understand that every business has its unique set of requirements. The modus operandi of two businesses cannot be exactly the same. The right system has to be chosen after consideration of several factors.

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