Migrating from Tellabs 291/292 Ring Down Firebar Phone System

If you are still using old Tellabs 291 or 292 Ring Down Firebar equipment you are beyond borrowed time. The Tellabs system provided mission critical Ring Down/Firebar services to many rural fire departments and other emergency applications such as airport security and emergency landing personnel. Many of today's central offices also run into issues with cooper connectivity. In the next generation networks, there is no copper 2 wire plant anymore, either at the central Office or in the distribution network, and so there is no point at which to connect the Tellabs 291/292 system. What is needed is technology that works effectively in a multivendor, TDM and VoIP environment, and emulates the features and services of the old Firebar service. The XOP Networks’ Universal Service Node (USN) with the Enhanced Firebar application In the past, the Firebar/Emergency conferencing systems have been deployed at the Telco Class 5 switch in the 2-wire line circuit that normally connects to the subscriber’s phone line. The new XOP Networks Enhanced Firebar offers additional benefits and features. The XOP Networks’ Firebar application resides on the USN that is deployed on the trunk side of the switch. · Send calls to any landline or cellular phone instead of just dedicated ‘red’ or emergency phones · Select communications medium to be used for message delivery (Voice only, Email only, SMS only or any combination etc.). Support unlimited number of call out groups · Send caller-ID of your choice that can be used by recipient's phone to display associated ’caller name’ (e.g., Fire Chief) · Trigger a dial-out based on a) incoming phone call, b) click on a web portal, c) dry contact closure or at a scheduled time · Provide summary and detailed reports on call completions (Busy, No Answer, For a demonstration of the Enhanced Ring Down Phone Firebar system please call 800-335-0229 ext 834. Or visit us on line at www.telcom-data.com

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