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  • Telcom & Data Partners with The Pulaski High School of Business, Making Dreams a Reality For The Youth

    The Pulaski High School of Business offers business courses for young people at the accelerated rate and a hands on approach that is creative, challenging and fun Pulaski_Highfor their future success

    Educating our young adults is vital to societies overall economic health. Access to information nowadays is easier than it has ever been in history. There is no doubt that this is the technology and information age. Most of the new millionaires in the last ten years are 25 years old and younger. This gives the youth today a great opportunity and advantage that previous generations have never had.

    Unfortunately, because of the age we live in, there are also many distractions for young people. Social media, multi- channel television and smart phones are amazing advances in technology, but it also gives them access to images, sights and sounds that can bring them the wrong messages.

    Even the best of the youth today know and have heard lyrics to songs that would make the Beatles, Elvis and even Prince, sound like they were singing gospel hymns in church (Elvis actually did). Let’s face it, the kids have multiple choices. This can be good and it can also be bad.

    The good news is most kids get it. Most know that there is a lot out there for them, and if they can come up with the latest idea or system process via the Internet or another resource, they can become very successful quickly. This is the ultimate attitude, goal setting and vision of the future that must be cultivated.

    Ricardo Trinidad, President of Telcom & Data, understands this all too well and has done something about it and knows that the future of entrepreneurship and business success is in the hands of our youth. This is why Ricardo has partnered with The Pulaski High School of Business. This is a national program that brings together students, local businesses, colleges, and the community to prepare students for their futures. They offer students "real skills" so that they may find success in college and acquire "real jobs" in the world.

    The program offers project-based learning and lots of real world skills, techniques, and learning experiences. These courses are also aligned to many local colleges that earn college credit through high school classes.

    Ricardo Trinidad of Telcom & Data fully supports this program and its ideas and creativity. As a member of the advisory board, his personal knowledge and experience in business will help educate young people with personal behavior, ethics, hard work and leadership.

    These are attributes that the Milwaukee community can be proud of in its business leaders and they hope to attract more of the same in the future.

    This is a businessman that gets it.

    For more information about The Pulaski High School of Business, call Ms. Ellis, Guidance Dept. Chair: 414-902-8900 Rm. 123 or Mr. Garzon, Bi Lingual Business Teacher: 414-902-9054. 2500 W. Oklahoma Ave., Milwaukee WI, 53215.

    For more info about Telcom & Data visit the website or call 1-800-335-0229.

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