MCK EXTender™ 1000+ ( Refurbished)

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MCK EXTender™ 1000+ ( Refurbished)

Model # MCK1000

Regular Price: $1,195.00

Special Price $895.00

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Product Description

The MCK EXTender™ 1000+ for Analog is a single-user customer premises equipment (CPE) that provides remote users full access to PBX/KTS features and functionality over Analog lines (POTS). Remote users using the MCK EXTender™ 1000+ connect their computers and digital telephone to the central site LAN over a single Analog line.

Product Features

  • Supports dial up and leased line Analog lines
  • Multiplexes voice and data over same line
  • Connects to a Switch Module, the PBXtender or the EXTender PBXgateway™ II at the corporate office

Product Documentation

View File MCK EXTender 1000 Brochure