Merlin 1030 Feature Module 5

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Merlin 1030 Feature Module 5

Model # Merlin1030FM5

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Product Description

You could upgrade to Merlin Legend and get voice mail.
  • One Year Warranty
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Call Us At 1-800-335-0229

Product Features

  • Automatic route selection: Outgoing calls automatically follow the least expensive available route you specify
  • Group call distribution: Internal and external calls go directly to the number or group of numbers dialed
  • One-touch intercom, paging, call coverage
  • Privacy, bridging, do not disturb, on-hook dialing
  • 3 enhanced night service features
  • All telephone lines can appear on all telephone sets, up to 30
  • 34 button BIS or existing 34 button deluxe set can be used as an attendant console in small configurations