Wheelock Multitone Electronic Horn - 12/24 VDC | MT-12-24-W

Wheelock Multitone Electronic Horn - 12/24 VDC | MT-12-24-W

Model #MT-12/24-W

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    • Approvals include: UL Standard 1971, UL Standard 464, California State Fire Marshal (CSFM), New York City (MEA), Factory Mutual (FM) and Chicago (BFP) See approvals by model in Specifications and Ordering Information

    • Designed to meet or exceed ADA/NFPA/UFC/ANSI Standards and Accessibility Guidelines

    • Complies with OSHA 29, Part 1910.165

    • Series MT appliances have IN and OUT wiring terminations that accept two #12 to #18 American Wire Gauge (AWG) wires at each terminal. Inputs are polarized for compatibility with standard reverse polarity type supervision

    • One alarm appliance with (8) eight selective signals to provide superior sound penetration for various ambient and wall conditions with two field selectable sound output levels

    • Code-3 Horn and Tone meet ANSI/NFPA temporal pattern for standard emergency evacuation signaling

    • Audible and strobe can operate from a single NAC circuit or from separate NAC circuits with any of the (8) eight audible sounds

    • MT Strobe models are available with Wheelock patented MCW Multi-Candela strobes with field selectable candela settings at 15/30/75/110cd or with single candela 1575cd strobes. The strobes can be synchronized using Wheelock sync modules or power supplies with built in Sync Protocol

    • Selectable input voltage on non-strobe versions. Strobe versions are factory set for either 12 or 24VDC, with wide- Listed voltage range, filtered (DC) and FWR

    • No additional tinplate required for flush mounting


    Series MT Multitone Electronic Appliances are ideal for designs that require a choice of 8 selectable alerting sounds for various ambient and wall conditions and 2 selectable sound output levels.

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