NOAA Radio Commercial Grade Thunder Eagle Front
  • NOAA Radio Commercial Grade Thunder Eagle Front
  • NOAA Radio Commercial Backunder Eagle WE110

NOAA Weather Radio Early Tornado Warning System

Model #WE110

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Product Overview

  • Powered by 12-VDC for car, truck and vehicle operations or from 120 VAC wall transformer.

  • Two-pole helical filter for high RF environments.

  • 16" custom, telescoping antenna with BNC style male-base connector.

  • BNC antenna connection for external antennas (50 ohm).

  • Draws less than 200 milliamps.

  • High gain monolithic RF amplifier for weak RF signals.

  • Pulse-width modulated ‘beep’ alert and switch-press acknowledgment.

  • Digital-signal-processed 1050-Hz tone detector.

  • Un-muted RCA connector for external audio output with its own volume control required for input into external EAS/SAME systems.

  • Muted RCA connector for public address and other communication systems.

  • Double pole/double throw relay logic output that closes on decoding the 1050-Hz alert tone.

  • Menu option to close relay on ‘live/play’ and ‘alert’ for easy interfacing.

  • Menu option to time out (1 second to 18 hours) after the ‘live’ button is pressed to permit easy interface into other systems that permit the user to hear live weather audio and then have the radio automatically reset.

  • U-Bracket available for mobile installation as an option.


The WeatherEagle is an early warning Tornado Warning System and stand alone NOAA radio receiver.  The  (WE110) is a high performance NOAA weather radio receiver designed for simple, dependable operation in moderately high RF environments with a two pole helical filter and significant ground shielding. The Weather Eagle AE120 is a Specific Area Message Encoder with Emergency Alert System that provides a reliable weather alerts filtered by specific weather events and geographical location. The Thunder Eagle system can come pre-programmed for specific weather threats such as tornadoes, flash flooding, hurricanes, and blizzards

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