Trisys Call Accounting Software

Trisys Call Accounting Software

Call accounting software is the single best way to increasing productivity and lowering telephone operating costs. Call accounting software by Tapit is a Windows based software program that collects, analyzes, and reports on calling activities. Tapit call accounting software produces over 60 reports which enable you to analyze calls and process call data for telephone accounting and call center management. Some of the reports include: Extension Detail, Account Detail, Department Detail, Extension Details, Division Summaries, Call Volume By Hour, Most Expensive and Longest Calls, Most Number Of Calls Made Per Extension ( Very Valuable to Telemarketing Sales Managers), Trunk Utilization Totals (excellent for ReConfiguring System Trunks), and Carrier Comparison ( which allows you to compare your phone bill with actual usage). All reports can be emailed, viewed on your computer, printed or saved to hard disk.

Companies that install Tapit call accounting software have experienced a 10%-30% reduction in telephone costs. Because employees know that call records are being maintained, employees make and receive less personal calls.

Taske Call Center Management solutions provides web based call accounting solutions that puts real-time monitoring, historical reporting, and a host of other features right at your fingertips.



Tapit EX Call Accounting Software

Reports generated automatically can be sent to your email daily, weekly, monthly, or any combination that you schedule. Reports can be forwarded to key people with in your organization to better manage departments. Tapit EX can help you increase sales by tracking calls by each sales person. This is a powerful tool for sales managers. Sales calls can be tracked daily and given to sales people to help them improve call goals. Accounts receivables mangers can use reports to track collection calls helping to increase cash flow. Customer service managers can use reports to track both in bound and out bound calls. All call reports can be run in real time to give on the fly reporting capabilities.  Get a FREE 30 Day Trial Demo

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