REP-AVA Trisys Phone Call Recording System

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REP-AVA Trisys Phone Call Recording System
Designed Spefically to Record Call on Avaya Phone Systems.

Model # REP-AVA

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Product Description

This “station side”, 100% software solution records phone calls by interfacing to the Avaya Communications Manager via Application Enablement Services (AES). Recorded conversations may be listened to LIVE, or retrieved at a later time using Tapit Web Reports.

By integrating the Tapit Call Accounting system with Replay AVA call recording solution, we can further help your organization increase productivity and provide better customer service.

Replay AVA is extremely easy to install and use. With just a “point and click” on Tapit Call Accounting detail report, you can play back a recorded conversation.

Features of Replay AVA:

  • Clients specify which extensions to record

  • 100% software solution

  • Fully scalable; priced by number of extensions to be recorded

  • Web interface allows password-protected remote access to calls

  • Easily find recordings with TAPIT’ flexible search capability

    (by date/time, extension, employee name, caller ID, dialed number, etc.)

  • Download or e-mail recordings for future reference

  • Works with Avaya Communication Manager and AES

  • Web interface allows password-protected remote access to calls

  • Ability for Supervisors to “listen in” to live calls

  • “BEEP” insert clearly alerts all parties that this call is being recorded

  • Automatically archives recordings for future storage

  • Automatically deletes recordings at predetermined intervals

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Core 2 Duo Processor

  • XP Pro (preferred) or Vista Business

  • 2 GB RAM (3 GB RAM Vista)

  • IIS Installed

  • 500 GB Hard Drive – 67,000 hours

  • 2 Network Cards

  • The PC used for listening to voice recordings must have a sound card

Required AVAYA Components:

  • AES 3.0 or higher

  • Communication Manager 3.0 or higher

  • 2 TSAPI licenses per extension to be recorded

  • DMCC Licenses = concurrent calls to be recorded

  • MedPro licenses = DMCC licenses

Replay AVA 30 Day Trial Version This is a 30-day trial version of Replay AVA.

Product Features

  • Turn-key solution includes hardware, software and cables
  • Recorded files may be stored on local or network drive
  • Saved files can be e-mailed as attachments and archived for future reference
  • Auto Archive facility: recorded information can be archived for permanent data storage
  • Records incoming and outgoing calls
  • Each Replay T1 “box” supports up to two T1s; multiple “boxes” are linked together for large application