Polycom Executive Desktop System HDX 4002 XL

Polycom Executive Desktop System HDX 4002 XL

Model #7200-24850-001

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Product Overview

  • Great multimedia experience with a 20.1 inch HD screen and powerful speakers.

  • Realistic and natural conversations using Siren22 Stereo Surround Audio

  • Large 20.1” monitor can be used as both a computer monitor and as a video conferencing device.

  • ISDN and IP video communications from 128 Kbps to 4 Mbps

  • PSTN and VoIP communications

  • Network, audio and video transcoding

  • Integrated digital camera and microphone

  • Point to point and multipoint video and audio conferences

  • Includes Polycom People+Content™ in bundle for Ultimate HD experience with HD Video, Voice and Content

  • includes high definition send/receive capabilities.


The HDX 4002 XL is built on High-Definition TV (HDTV) standards, which enhances the overall interaction with best standards available in industry. Additionally, high transfer rates makes movements both sharper and smoother.

Additional Information

Promotional Message Vibrant Executive Desktop System with realistic and sharp display
SKU 7200-24850-001
Mount Type N/A

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