Polycom Visual Concert FX Connects PC Images Over Video

Polycom Visual Concert FX Connects PC Images Over Video

Model #PVCFX

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Product Overview

  • Visual Concert FX : Designed with ease-of-use in mind, a presenter can walk into a room, plug in a laptop and easily transmit live images real time without any prior setup.

  • The unit will auto-sync to match the resolution of the laptop and scale the image to match the best resolution at the far end.

  • The Presenter buttons will allow the presenter to toggle between displaying content from the laptop and the main camera video as the source.

  • The Presenter Control buttons will also allow presenters at different locations to alternate as the main presenter.

  • Unlike a traditional scan converter, the unit will transmit data for SXGA high-resolution display (1280 x 1024) at the far end.

  • Graphic images can be displayed locally at high-resolution on either an SXGA monitor or an SXGA projection system.

  • Data from the laptop will be presented on one monitor while the video of the speaker will be displayed on another monitor, in Dual Stream mode.


Visual Concert FX : The only collaborative product on the market with the capability of transmitting high resolution SXGA (1280 x 1024) live graphics and high quality audio at speeds up to 15 fps, including a multi-point call! Just plug in your laptop, desktop or Macintosh to the Visual Concert FX and begin sending images from business applications, proprietary applications, the Internet, rendering applications or even a video clip, all at the touch of a button. While viewing up to four sites on four monitors, captivate the audience’s attention with Dual Stream graphics on a high-resolution projection system. No matter the sharing application, enhance your ViewStation FX or VS4000 functionality with a Visual Concert FX.

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