Sonexis Audio Conferencing System 24 Ports to 600 Ports with Web Conference and Outlook Integration.

Model #CMP50096

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Product Overview

  • The Sonexis Conference Manager audio conferencing application delivers a feature-rich solution which is easy to use, is installed securely in your premises, and offers a rapid return on investment. Audio conferencing features include: Phone Commands Interactive Voice Response (IVR) prompts and DTMF commands provide on-demand audio conferencing using only the telephone. Although using the web gives you many features you do not have on the phone, you can conduct an audio conference with only a phone. Audio conferencing phone features include: Control from any touch-tone phone.

  • Dial in using toll and/or toll-free numbers or SIP addressing.

  • Recognize host ANI and auto-log into system.

  • Hear list of phone features.

  • Record a customized conference greeting.

  • Record the audio conference.

  • Announce participant entry and exit with their name, a tone, or not at all.

  • Music on hold.

  • Dial out to connect participants and bring them into the conference; or conduct a private conference with them, disconnect them and rejoin the conference yourself.

  • Mute or un-mute your line.

  • Set lecture mode for the conference.

  • Raise hand.

  • Hear a roll call of the number of people in the conference or the names of the conference participants.

  • Lock or unlock the conference.

  • Allow participants to continue talking after you disconnect for a configurable number of minutes.


Sonexis, Inc. delivers a secure, integrated audio and web conferencing system that helps businesses improve business processes and communications while significantly reducing the cost of conferencing. Compared to conferencing products from other providers, organizations using SonexisTM Call 800-335-0229 for a Sonexis demonstration of Audio and Web Conferencing. 

Sonexis Conference Manager Media
Significantly lower conferencing costs Enhanced security for sensitive corporate information Easy to use collaboration features More value from PSTN and VOIP network investments More effective communication among employees, customers and partners.

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