How to get free call accounting software

Call accounting software is an important management tool for any business.
Call accounting software provides management with detailed reports on all incoming and out going phone calls. Reports deliver concise information to help management to make informed decisions from everything from sales, to marketing to reducing telephone related costs. Typical reports include: Extension Detail, Account Detail, Department Detail, Extension Details, Division Summaries, Call Volume By Hour, Most Expensive and Longest Calls, Number Of Calls Made Per Extension ( Very Valuable to Telemarketing Sales Managers), Trunk Utilization Totals (excellent for ReConfiguring System Trunks), and Carrier Comparison ( which allows you to compare your phone bill with actual usage)

Call accounting can also be used to eliminate telephone fraud and to notify you of important 911 calls being made through the phone system.

Companies that install call accounting software have experienced a 10%-30% reduction in telephone costs. Because employees know that call records are being maintained, empolyees make and receive less personal calls. Also, if you do telemarketing, inbound or outbound, sales can increase by allowing telemarketing managers to see who is working. Ask your telemarketing manager if they would be interested in this information.

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