Great Lakes Server Racks Can Be Custom Configured Prior to Shipping

One of the things which makes Great Lakes Server Racks and data cabinets
“Great” is Great Lakes ability to respond to the needs of our customers when they want to try something unique in a design or when they have a special requirement. Great Lakes’ installs accessories such as cooling fans and shelving
when and where desired, prior to shipping at no additional charge. Sometimes a customer wants (or needs) additional support beyond
that level and we can help. Great Lakes is introducing a new “Rack & Stack” program. In a
“Rack & Stack” program, Great Lake Cabinets can custom configure a specific server rack platform to meet the needs of a customer at specific sites around the country or around the world. Prior to shipping Great Lakes
pre-configures product on our floor to be ready for shipment upon need. Those quantities can be as few as 5-10 at any given time or
as many as 100 or more. In some cases, the configuration consits of only Great Lakes product and accessories. In others, we can install other options such as battery back up or Key board, monitor and mouse accessories in a particular configuration.
We also can install power strips, and cable management and a series of color-coded patch panels installed in any specific customer requested order. This saves our customers time and money. Our relationship with this customer requires us to have a particular
number of these platforms on the floor and prepared for shipment. We receive the customer supplied accessories on a regular basis
and pre-configure the racks, place them on pallets and ready them for shipment when needed. The customer pays a fee for this
additional service but it is much cheaper for them than to have installers configure the racks on site. The equipment is shipped and
arrives ready to be implemented for use. For more information, please contact technical support by calling

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