IP Hotel Guestroom Phones More Common in Hotel Industry

Cetis, Inc., a manufacture of hotel phones, has announced the installation of the company’s 60,000th hotel guestroom IP telephone. Designed and engineered in America and Europe specifically for hospitality applications, Cetis IP telephones are available in Teledex iPhone and E Series, and TeleMatrix 9600IP and 3300IP single and two-line configurations.
“Since 2006, Cetis has been a hospitality industry leader in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of IP telephones for hotel guestroom applications,” reports Dr. Bing N. Sun, President & CEO, Cetis, Inc. “Our Teledex, and TeleMatrix brand IP telephones continue to lead the way with innovative design, rich feature sets, and proven SIP interoperability,” he emphasizes.

“Cetis SIP-compatible IP telephones are competitively priced, easy to install, and seamlessly configured to meet guest expectations,” adds Brock Munsell, Cetis Chief Technology Officer. “And because our Teledex and TeleMatrix brand IP phones are designed to effectively emulate the look and feel of a standard analog set, the guest experience is seamless, but the feature set is pure IP,” Munsell adds.

“Cetis also hosts one of the most advanced SIP telephony labs in the world to provide Cetis-certified channel partners and value added resellers (VAR) access to Cetis Tier 3 IP technical support teams, software tools and upgrades, a 24/7 knowledge base, documentation, FAQs, and forums for troubleshooting,” states Mr. Munsell.

Cetis installation partners are SSCA. (SIP School Certified Associate) and Cetis Applications-certified to install and support Cetis telephones operating on the latest IP-PBX telephone systems. The Cetis Mass Configuration Utility (MCU) is engineered to create large numbers of configuration files required to quickly pre-program or deploy Cetis IP telephones. The Cetis IP Mass Administration Utility (MAU) performs administration functions, such as firmware updates to Cetis SIP telephones either prior to installation or on location.

Teledex iPhone ND Series corded and NDC Series cordless, and TeleMatrix 3300IP corded and 9600IP cordless IP telephones by Cetis, are available in single and two-line configurations, and are certified to interoperate with the worldfs leading IP-PBX systems, including Aastra, Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya, Cisco, Defero3, Digium/Asterisk, Epygi, InnovationX, Mitel, NEC, Siemens, and Thing5.

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