Telcom & Data Introduces Atlas Stadium Speakers for Sports Fields, Arenas, and Auditoriums

Atlas Stadium SpeakerTelcom & Data, a leader in mass notifications systems, is pleased to introduce AH Series Atlas Stadium speakers and horns. Modern sports facilities require sound systems with excellent audio quality, high ouput, and precise pattern control. Specifically, stadium speakers need to deliver clear announcements and great music. For these requirements, Atlas speakers are perfect.

Atlas speakers deliver loud high-performance audio. With an efficiency rating in excess of 102 dB, the speakers are ideal for playing high-energy music. Additionally, the speakers are great for communicating emergency notifications messages and game announcements. Key applications include football stadiums, sports arenas, baseball fields, convention centers, and auditoriums.

Atlas stadium speakers are ruggedly built to withstand game-day conditions. Various stainless steel mesh screens guard internal drivers from weather and pest damage. A main rodent screen provides protection for all components, a secondary screen sits between the high frequency horn and the driver, and a third perforated screen protects the woofer.

When Ricardo Trinidad, president of Telcom & Data, was asked about the Atlas stadium speakers, he said, “We are very excited about adding Atlas stadium speakers to our product line. They are built to last and deliver fantastic sound. These speakers are awesome for all sports whether it’s the local little league team or a professional football game.”

Atlas stadium speakers are now available at Telcom & Data. For more information about Atlas stadium speakers and horns, visit Telcom & Data’s website or call 1-800-335-0229.

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