Telcom & Data Introduces Data Center Cooling Solutions by Great Lakes, a Great Rack Enclosure for All Data Center Needs

Data Center Cooling Solutions by Great Lakes, the Great Lakes ES Series enclosure allows for Multi-Generational Product Planning within data center space to support all current, planned and future needs.

Data Center Cooling Solutions Data Center Cooling Solutions

It’s a fact that large companies that process data and information have a great need for large data centers. An organization with a facility that centralizes IT operations and equipment needs to store, manage and distribute data. The most critical of systems are vital to the company’s daily operations.

Companies cannot afford technical difficulties due to network problems as customers are constantly demanding top notch service and safety of personal information.

The biggest factor to success is trust. Companies must be able to trust that data centers are safe and reliable and customers must be able to trust the business that has stored their data to do everything possible to keep it secure.

Any breakdown in any of the previous examples can lead to disaster. Lost information or compromised data due to hackers or technological incompetence can destroy a company’s reputation that they may never be able to recover from.

Even though these are complicated networks that consist of computers, wires, buttons, electrical currents and millions upon millions of bits of information flowing through sophisticated systems, some pretty basic things are all that are needed at the end of the day to keep them running smoothly.

Telcom & Data introduces Data Center Cooling Solutions by Great Lakes. From cable troughs and ladder rack brackets, exhaust chimneys, air managers, fan assisted doors, to a closed-looped water cooled enclosure kit, Great Lakes’ portfolio of enclosures and accessories are designed to support ever changing or evolving requirements a business may face during the life of any data center. Telcom & Data's diverse portfolio has been designed and engineered to help provide a solution to any future networking or data challenge.

Organizations want a data center that’s flexible and reliable and keeping it cool is how it’s done.

Data Center Cooling Solutions by Great Lakes is now available at Telcom & Data. For more information about Data Cooling Solutions by Great Lakes, visit Telcom & Data’s website or call 1-800-335-0229.

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