Telcom & Data Introduces LoudMouth Wireless Paging System, Drastically Reduces Installation Costs

LoudmouthTelcom & Data, a leader in mass notification systems, is pleased to introduce the Ritron LoudMouth wireless paging system. The LoudMouth is perfect for any location where a hardwired paging system is impossible or too expensive to route wire. Additionally, the unit works great for situations where the application is temporary. The LoudMouth is designed for both commercial and industrial use. Numerous schools, office buildings, airports, warehouses, and factories are benefiting from the unit’s wireless design.

The LoudMouth is feature-rich and designed for stress-free installation. The unit is an easy add-on for an existing radio system. The LoudMouth allows operators to use a portable 2-way radio, base station, or mobile radio to deliver messages from up to two miles away. The speaker delivers 95dB of audio output at 50 feet; messages are heard loud and clear even in noisy environments. Because the unit is wireless, installation is a breeze and set-up costs are significantly reduced.

One great application of the LoudMouth wireless paging system is delivering emergency safety instructions. Sirens won’t get the job done when people are in a chaotic situation. Tom Carey, Director of Security and Campus Safety at Bates College, explains, “Sirens signal emergency, but don’t tell people what to do or not do. That’s when people flood security phone lines looking for clarification, which only makes the problem worse.” Carey chose the LoudMouth for Bates College to deliver oral safety messages in emergency situations.

The LoudMouth wireless paging system is now available at Telcom & Data. For more information, visit Telcom & Data’s website or call 1-800-335-0229.

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