Telcom & Data Announces Professional Phone System Maintenance Plans

Telcom & Data, a leading provider of business phone systems, is pleased to announce its Phone System Maintenance Plans. Phone system maintenance is essential for the productivity and profitability of every business. When a phone system fails, a company appears unprofessional and unreliable. Businesses need to protect themselves from costly system failures by investing in a dependable maintenance plan.

Telcom & Data's Signature Service Maintenance & Support is an ideal solution for any Phone Maintenance Program Imagecompany. New Signature Service Maintenance & Support customers typically see a 30% savings from their previous maintenance plan. Additionally, customers receive peace of mind, knowing that their system is covered, maintained, and costly repairs are prevented. Telcom & Data’s plans cover all parts and labor. Moreover, the company offers 24/7 alarm monitoring, diagnostics, and troubleshooting.

When asked about his satisfaction and savings with Telcom & Data's Signature Service Maintenance and Support, John Blake, Environmental Services Manager of Rogers Memorial Hospital, said, “Telcom & Data has been providing 24 hour mission critical services for over 13 years. They were able to reduce our annual phone maintenance costs by $13,000.00 a year.”

To learn more about Telcom & Data’s phone system maintenance plans, visit Telcom & Data’s website or call 1-800-335-0229.

ABOUT Telcom & Data: Since 1996 Telcom & Data has been providing thousands of telecommunication solutions to organizations around the world to measurably improve communications. Telcom & Data maintains a network of over 1500 technicians with locations in Chicago, Milwaukee and Miami.


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