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  • Tornado Early Warning NOAA Radio Keep Businesses Safe

    Stay Safe with Emergency Notification Systems

    The Weather Eagle is an early  Tornado Warning System and stand alone NOAA Radio receiver designed solely for businesses, that monitors the NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards (NWR) system, operated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), provides essential weather information, including tornado warnings, that can help keep businesses and individuals safe during severe weather events.

    The NWR system broadcasts weather alerts, watches, and warnings directly from local National Weather Service (NWS) offices, providing timely information to the public. Tornado warnings are issued when a tornado has been detected or is imminent based on radar data or credible reports.

    By having a Thunder Eagle NOAA Weather Radio receiver in your business, you can receive these tornado warnings and other important weather updates. The Thunder Eagle Radio connects to your businesses PAGING System to automatically announce severe weather and tornado warnings.  This allows you to take appropriate action, such as implementing your emergency response plan, moving employees and customers to safe areas, and taking steps to protect property and assets.

    To utilize the NWR system effectively, you'll need a weather radio receiver capable of receiving the specific frequency range used by NOAA. These receivers are available in various models and can be programmed to receive alerts for specific geographical areas. It is recommended to choose a NOAA-certified weather radio that meets your business's needs and location.

    In addition to the NOAA Weather Radio, it's essential to stay informed through other reliable sources such as local news stations, weather apps, and online weather services. Local emergency management agencies and community organizations may also provide additional alert systems or guidance specifically tailored to businesses in your area.

    Remember, it's crucial to have an emergency plan in place for your business and to regularly review and update it with your employees. This plan should include procedures for responding to severe weather events like tornadoes, including designated shelter areas, communication protocols, and evacuation plans if necessary.

    By staying vigilant, prepared, and informed, businesses can help ensure the safety of their employees, customers, and property during tornadoes and other severe weather conditions.

    To learn how easy your business can implement a Thunder Eagle Early Warning System call us at 800-335-0229 or visit us at 


  • Telcom & Data Introduces NOAA Weather Radio Tornado Early Warning System

    Great news for businesses located in tornado effected areas.  Telcom & Data has been working with Thunder Eagle, Inc., a leading manufacturer of Tornado Early Warning industrial grade NOAA weather radios for the past 25 years, to deliver early warning solutions to large commercial sound systems.  The Weather Eagle 100 receiver and the

    Early Warning NOAA Radio Save Lives with an Early Warning NOAA Radio for Industrial Plants

    Alert Eagle 120 (SAME) Specific Area Message Decoder provide real time, reliable, and automatic source of weather alerts, filtered by specific weather events and geographical location into public address systems.

    The Thunder Eagle system was engineered for, and has been in active service in, weather mission critical locations such as PSAPS, business headquarters, factories, schools, security offices, sports venues, and command centers for decades. For example, Thunder Eagle systems are in active use automatically opening FEMA tornado shelter doors and setting off municipal tornado sirens throughout the country when the National Weather Service (NWS) issues tornado warnings.

    Thunder Eagle is happy to pre-program the receivers for specific weather threats such as tornados, flash floods, hurricanes, and blizzards and county locations to make installation as plug and play as possible.

    When asked about why Telcom & Data was recommending and installing the Thunder Eagle radios the President of Telcom & Data said, “ Thunder Eagle radios are able to provide severe weather detection faster and better than other sources. Giving people the ability to evacuate even 1 minute sooner can make the difference between life and death.”

    Thunder Eagle radios have many sophisticated diagnostic features that help to verify that the NWS alerts are actually being received and properly decoded, including recording the last weather alert into the receiver, both in analog audio format and decoded SAME for later playback and analysis. The NWS has often used these features to troubleshoot and maintain the national NOAA weather radio system. Consumer grade NOAA radios do not provide this level of sophistication and reliability. Special radio filters limit locally generated RF from interfering with the reception of weather alerts.

    For facilities that need full time weather forecasts, information and radar, in addition to warnings, Thunder Eagle integrates the Weather Eagle into a full web site with local professional weather station that is accessible through web browsers.

    The Thunder Eagle radio and encoder can be connected to Supervised Paging System to automatically broadcast a weather alert throughout a building notifying employees to take shelter.  For more information please call 800-335-0229 ext 834

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