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  • Desktop Video Conferencing for Military Applications

    Desktop video conferencing - A collaborative technology for confidential military services
    The military services of all the countries across the world largely depends on advance commumication technology to secure their boundaries. Thus, the video conferencing solutions plays a crucial and effective role to ensure efficient military services.

    Video conferencing solutions allows the military personnels to see and hear each other at the same time. It helps them to exchange visual information from anywhere with the help of digital video cameras and streaming video. It facilitated them to absorb information better if they are both seeing and hearing it. Thus, video conferencing facilitate a virtual interactive meeting environment.

    Operational desktop video conferencing technology is now revolutionizing collaboration. Thus, use of this collaborative technology as a part of a military research initiative, tends to support operational requirements process of the countries.

    Desktop video conferencing helps military men to transmit meeting details which are considered as top secret and confidential documents for military personnel. By means of multi point video, voice, and data communication, the technology enables the collaborators to access necessary human resources at any time.

    The video and audio signals are sent across hard-wired, fiber-optic connections to and from each conference site, over encoded military satellite systems, or a combination of both. Troops are connected to the system from headquarters, the battlefield or nearby military bases. Over time, commanders recognized the need to let soldiers use that technology to connect with the required military general. Thus, a desk top video conferencing is safe, unique and enriched with high technical support.

    Video conferencing microphone inputs from the camera and audio input from the microphone can be converted into the digital data. Software is used to compress the data so that it can travel more quickly via ISDN lines, broadband Internet or WiFi. When the data reaches its destination, it gets decompressed to be viewed on a computer monitor or television screen and heard through speakers. Acoustic echo cancellation software is used to remove sound interference. It eliminates delays so that sound and visuals are in equal order.

    Desktop video conferencing effectively guards the military's global telecommunications network. This helps the troops to connect themselves with the current war situations and built up their morale for military need. Military readiness means troops are focused and ready for duty at all times.

    The defense service must hire one of the best product provider to install these video conferencing solutions. It will help the military service people to guard the nation with hazel free defense service and less efforts.

  • Avaya: A Boon to Business Phone Systems

    Avaya phone systems are used as one of the fastest means of business solutions. Business organizations of almost all sizes are widely following the business phone as common means of communication to cater the business inquires and reach solution in very short period of time.

    The Avaya phones facilitates to carry on business affairs on both levels, I.e national and and global. A regular talk over business deals and applications of new business strategies has been achieved successfully through the business phone. This helps business to grow rapidly and enhance market for your product on wider areas and in less amount of time.

    Voip phones are one of the latest inventions of the technology. It facilitates business communications in cost -effective price. To connect call using voip phone, you require an internet connection and appropriate equipment. The equipment used in the voip phones is advance, efficient, comfortable and easy to use. It helps to make hassle free call with many additional functions of the phone.

    Phone conferencing through voip phones comes with many facilities. User friendly features like speaker, call waiting, call transfer, call forward, call mute, caller ID are attached to the system. This facilitates for active action needed at the moment and carry on with smooth work process. Some revolutionary models of voip phones supports Microsoft windows. It is now becoming common to the world, due to its sound quality and time standby feature.

    With increasing popularity of the VoIP phone system, business organizations prefers to install these business phones in their office. It is cost effective and easy to carry business to produce high productivity in short span of time for any size of organizations.

    In addition to the improvement of business solutions, phone voice recorders are popularly used by the business organization. Phone recorders are the tools used to capture the voice, for later inspection if needed, in the future. This allows capturing the conversation of the company to its client or important business conversations with other business partners. The device used to capture the voice is connected to the server to install voice recorder. Thus, recorded voice is then stored in digital files format, as proof of the verbal statement, whenever required to present.

    The phone voice recorder is affordable and easy to use. It helps to increase the goodwill of the company as it provides better customer services. Due to its vivid benefits, it is widely used in call centers, insurance company, financial sectors, banks and almost all types of private business organizations. It helps to increase the productivity and promotes better administration.

  • Receive up to a $ 200.00 Rebate on Polycom SoundStation Conference Phones!

    For a limited time, End User customers can receive a rebate of up to $200 for every new SoundStation conference phone purchased from a Polycom reseller.
    This offer is valid on new products purchased from December 10, 2008 through March 31, 2009..

    How to Participate
    STEP 1 Purchase a new qualified Polycom conference phone between December 10, 2008 and March 31, 2009. (See table of qualifying products)
    STEP 2 Submit completed Conference Phone Rebate Claim Form, proof of purchase, and customer invoice or receipt via mail, fax or email as directed on the claim form. All claim forms must be submitted within 30 days of purchase.
    STEP 3 Polycom will issue a rebate check directly to the End User customer within 6 weeks of receiving qualified and verified claims.

    Qualifying Table:

    Products Rebate Amount

    SoundStation2 Avaya or Nortel
    SoundStation VTX 1000
    SoundStation IP 6000
    SoundStation IP 7000

    Fore more information call 800-335-0229

  • Telcom & Data provides voice mail system password reset services.

    Have you ever lost the administrative password to your company’s voice mail system? It’s a very common problem. As companies are forced to down size often the person who was in charge of the company’s voice mail system leaves with the systems password.

    As a service provider for Avaya and Lucent manufactured voice mail systems, Telcom & Data has received many calls for help with voice mail password issues. Companies need passwords in order to change auto attendants, user information, and most important system functions. Telcom & Data’s Senior Service Technician Adam Bahula has received many calls from companies that have lost their voice mail password and require assistance.

    If your company requires voice mail password assistance on Audix, Definity Audix , Intuity Audix, Merlin Legend 007 Voice Mail, Partner Voice Mail, Merlin Magix Messaging or IP Office Voice Mail Pro call 800-335-0229 for support. Because of the sensitivity of passwords Telcom & Data will have to run a quick verification check before performing any password changes.

  • Telcom & Data Introduces SoundStation 2 Conference Phones by Polycom for Companies Looking to Bring Higher Quality Audio to Their Conference Calls

    Conference calls play a major role in modern day business. They allow a group of employees to communicate with associates and customers located far away. A regular office phone's speaker function is not built to be used by a conference room full of people. It will result in unclear and confusing conversations. Telcom & Data provides the world's best-selling conference phone. The Polycom SoundStation 2 is the ideal conference phone for small- to medium-sized conference rooms. Polycom's SoundStation 2 is unlike other speakerphones that only allow one person to talk at a time. Polycom's Acoustic Clarity Technology provides natural free flowing two-way discussions for a group of people. Dynamic Noise Reduction increases microphone sensitivity and reduces distracting background noise. The SoundStation 2 comes with 360 degree microphone coverage. No matter where a person is sitting there will be a microphone in front of them. Polycom also built in traditional telephone features like redial, mute, transfer and hold. Not only is the SoundStation 2 easy to install but it is also user friendly. It connects into any analog jock and can be connected to a PBX with an analog extension. A back lit screen displays dialed numbers, duration of call and caller ID. The SoundStation 2 also comes with the ability to increase coverage. Optional microphones and speakers can be added to the system for larger conference rooms. These will ensure that everyone can hear and be heard. For more information about the Polycom SoundStation 2, visit Telcom & Data's website or call 800-355-0229. About Telcom & Data: Since 1996 Telcom & Data has been providing thousands of telecommunications solutions to organizations around the world to measurably improve communications. The company is a leader in business phone systems, intercom systems, and mass notification products. Telcom & Data maintains a network of over 1600 technicians with locations in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Miami.

  • Usage and benefits of Video Conferencing Systems

    With the reduction in the prices of video conferencing systems, this technology is gaining a faster popularity and a steep rise in demand. Earlier video conferencing technology was very expensive and could be afforded only by the big and some medium sized organizations. But the reduced prices have now brought this solution well within the reach of organizations of all sizes.

    Video conferencing microphone and other equipments have now become so cheap that these equipments are being used as standard equipments in the conference rooms of almost all the organizations located in the different parts of the world. It facilitates the users to get connected to each other and communicate via audio and visuals. The distance between the different parties do not act as an obstacle in the video conferences.

    Video conferencing solutions help organizations to cut down travel expenses. It also saves time and facilitates to take quick decisions and actions during times of emergency. Therefore, over a short period of time, the expenditure incurred on the video conferencing equipments and services are recovered from the many benefits which it offers.

    There are wide varieties of units available for desktop video conferencing in the market. The first and the foremost thing which an organization needs to consider before purchasing any unit is the size of its conference room and the number of members expected to participate in a conference at a time. While choosing the best video conferencing unit, an organization should also consider its compatibility and near future expansion prospects. This will ensure that the organization does not have to spend unnecessarily on another unit within a year or two.

    Video conferencing systems are being widely embraced by organizations of all sizes as they offer a number of benefits to businesses. This technology can be used in different environments to cater different requirements. Video conferencing is most commonly used for conducting business meetings, trainings, online seminars etc.

    Video conferencing solutions are being widely used in the fields of telemedicine, telecommunication, education, surveillance, security, emergency response etc.

    The organizations using video conferencing systems for improving their businesses are deriving many benefits from its use. Some of the advantages are mentioned below:

    The basic advantage of using video conferencing is that it facilitates people located remotely to meet up without having to travel. Therefore, it enables efficient communication between people, while saving both time and money.
    Another advantage of using video conferencing is that it facilitates to conduct business meetings, seminars, training sessions etc, while the participants are located in different places.
    It fastens decision making processes and facilitates to take quicker actions during times of emergency.
    It facilitates better sharing of data and knowledge. Business organizations can use this technology for making presentations to the important members of an organization even if they are separated by vast distances.

    Video conferencing offers virtually endless potentials for business communications. But to make the most out of this technology, it is important that, good quality video conferencing systems and services are used by the organizations.

    For buying high quality video conferencing equipments at the best prices, you can visit

  • Save 30% or more on Avaya telephone system maintenance from Telcom & Data Inc.

    Telcom Data Inc Provides Telephone System Maintenance on all Avaya and Lucent Manufactured telephone systems. If you own an Avaya or Lucent manufactured telephone system, including Definity, Merlin legend, Merlin Magix, IP Office, Partner ACS or Merlin , Telcom & Data can provide you with a complete telephone maintenance plan that covers your business completely on all parts and labor.

    We offer service agreements that will provide businesses with the highest level of customer satisfaction, quick response time at up to a 30% savings.

    * Telcom & Data a provider AVAYA and Lucent telephone system products will save you up to 30% on your current service contract.

    * Your service agreement covers you fully on all parts and labor.

    * 96% percent of all problems can be fixed remotely through our TelAgent system.

    * Telcom & Data’s staff of Lucent/Avaya trained technicians are on call 24 hours a day.

    * Telcom & Data stocks the complete line of Merlin Legend telephones, circuit packs, processors, and voice mail.

    * Free telephone programming support.

    * 800# repair hotline is manned 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year for your added security.

    * Your Telcom & Data service agreement will provide you with remote maintenance and emergency on site response.

    * Your Telcom & Data Agreement provides you with 2 hour major alarm response time and 8 hour minor alarm response time. Our technicians can program and diagnose problems remotely.

    *Your Telcom & Data Agreement includes an annual on site technician visit at no charge.

    The bottom line is reduced administration and unsurpassed commitment to your communication needs and a greater level of service that can't be matched. To find out how your company can save and receive the personalized attention, fax a copy of your most recent maintenance bill to 312-432-1168 or call us at 800-335-0229.

  • Telcom & Data Provides Remote Programming Assistance for All Avaya Phone Systems

    Telcom & Data has recently announced that it will provide remote support services for all
    Avaya and Lucent manufactured phone systems including Definity, Merlin Legend, Merlin Magix, IP Office, Partner ACS, Merlin, Spirit and other systems.
    Remote support services can be purchased in as little as ½ hour time increments starting at only $ 55.00 per half hour on most systems except Definity and IP Office which start at $ 70.00 per ½ hour.

    Providing affordable remote maintenance services has been difficult to find. Avaya charges a 4 hour minimum of $ 600.00 per hour which makes support unaffordable.
    Telcom & Data covers extension programming, lines and trunks, cover groups, voice mail, night service and other programming.

    Telcom & Data also offers remote trouble shooting and diagnostics. If Telcom & Data can not resolve a customers issue remotely, Telcom & Data offers nationwide service capabilities for on site support.

    For more information or help please call 800-335-0229. All services are guaranteed.

  • Conferencing Technology Helps Business Face Airline Cuts and Fare Increases

    Tried to book a flight to or from a smaller regional airport lately? US Airlines are cutting flights across the board in an attempt to reduce the already huge losses which may be as high as 12 billion collectively this year. Not Since 2002 has the airline industry been hit this hard. Reducing service by as much as 50% to smaller regional airports is just one strategy the airlines are enacting, raising the costs of tickets is another. Competition for fewer seats will also add to making a bad situation worse.

    How will your company deal with fewer flights and higher travel costs?

    Implementing audio and video conferencing systems can help your company stay in touch with your customers as well as reduce travel costs and headaches. With the cost of bandwidth becoming cheaper IP Audio and Video Conferencing Solutions make more sense then ever.

    Telcom & Data offers a full range of collaboration tools designed to help you stay in touch with your customers, employees and vendors on a global basis. We offer Avaya IP Office for VoIP communications for remote workers, state of the art Polycom HD video conferencing, as well as reservationless web based audio and web conferencing systems.
    Never before has so much technology been available to help you reduce travel costs and stay in touch with customers.

    A recent conversation with Tom Cervino IT Manager at M3 Companies a multi location real-estate development company of master planned communities in the South West brought to light that not only has video conferencing reduced travel but in fact has vastly improved communications between locations as they are able to meet more regularly.

    If your company is looking at ways to combat the reduction in airline service and the higher costs of travel check out our new Going Green area of Telcom & Data web site. Going Green is packed with user friendly solutions that can help your company stay in touch, save money and lower carbon emissions. If you would like to discuss ways your company can implement a Green Solution call us at 800-335-0229

  • If FEMA’s Phone System Can Get Hacked So Can Yours

    Last weekend hackers were able to hack in to the FEMA phone system to rack up over $ 12,000 worth of phone bills. FEMA is part of Homeland Security, which in 2003 put out a warning about phone system hacking. Most of the calls were calls in to the Middle East including Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, India and Yemen.

    The type of hacking done was termed very “old school” and the FBI is currently investigating the matter and added “phone system hacking is usually very difficult to track”.

    One of the best ways to protect your business from hackers is by using a call accounting system or software like Tapit Call Accounting Software. Tapit provides detailed reports on all call activity but is also has a fraud component. The Tapit Fraud Alert Module protects your company from a 3 billion dollar problem facing business today. The average fraud price tag is $ 42,000.00 . The Tapit Fraud alert module alarms you when set calling parameters are being breached by sounding an alarm and sending out text messages.

    Fortunately for TAX payers the problem was caught by Sprint only after $ 12,000 worth of calls were made. It could have been much worse. The hackers could of placed many more thousands of dollars worth of calls. In most instances, companies do not realize they have hacked until they receive a new phone bill.
    .FEMA will ultimately be responsible for the $ 12,000.00 worth of phone bills.

    Hacking occurs routinely but rarely makes the news unless it is a high profile hacking such as FEMA. A typical hacking occurs to small and med size companies that can ill afford a $ 12,000 plus phone bill. The US Courts have repeatedly sided with the phone companies in determining who is responsible for paying the hackers phone bill. For one non-profits experience check out the story about Check out the story about 4Help Non Profits. If you would like more information on how to protect your business from telephone hacking, call Telcom & Data at 800-335-0229.

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